Témoignages d’étudiants

Témoignages d’étudiants

Les étudiants sont nos meilleurs ambassadeurs pour défendre la filière Professional English

« Being chosen to be a part of the Professional English Programme was a huge opportunity for me to improve my English through  seminars with speakers from different parts of the world, and an internship abroad. »
« Thanks to the help and the support from the Professionnal English Course Leaders, everything about the organisation and the preparation of the internship seemed easy »
« I was lucky enought to work with Alquity, which is an investment management company, in the Marketing department. I feel very lucky and also proud about what I acheived during my internship within this company. This experience and especially the people I worked with, helped me to be more self-confident from a professional and personal point of view. »

Jeanne-septembre 2014

 » Professional English is the best way of improving your English by doing seminars and your work placement abroad.
You would meet professional people who would introduce you some interesting notions in Marketing, Events Management, Negotiation… etc

Going on your own abroad is a very good experience. For my part, it was a kind of challenge and I’m very proud of doing it !
During two and a half months, I did four different projects where I applied my Production Management and Marketing knowledge.
I really enjoyed my work placement because I met a lot of people who were a great support during these few months.

I advise everybody to do Professional English, it’s such a great experience, and you will never forget it ».

Caroline Delahais-septembre 2014


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